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Description:   Autoserv provides flexible automation, includingconditional execution of actions,triggers and input events.outputs and system commands.timers, calendars, and variables.Extensible via plugins to cater for new devices.

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Kmnr Radio Automation Program Kmnr Radio Automation Program is a python program for automating a radio station by playing different shows, id's, and programming. Controlled through the parrallell port and feature a web interface showing history as well as "show" selection. Play Insert programming, station id's, and weather reports ...

Linux Home Automation A standard Unix interface, minimally accessible via telnet (to it's assigned port), for home automation controllers such as the CM11A, CM17A, Ocelot, or the HCS II. Other controllers will be considered if enough interest in them is shown.

Linux Test Automation Framework Linux Test Automation Framework is a configurable and light weight software package that manages and schedules user access to devices in a remote lab, automates the process of installing new linux boot images, booting of target devices, execution of spec

Oculus QA Automation Solutions Oculus QA Automation Solutions is a set of java applications for management of the automation projects, automated tests and frameworks development, tests running and reports representation and analysis. Mostly used by QA and QA-Automation engineers

Open-Home - free home automation The Open-Home project is about home-automation in a nutshell. The project gives you: plugin-based linux server-software, hardware layouts for micro-controllers and protocol-specifications. This project is like the HAUS project, but has many improvements.

A4 - Perforce Codeline Automation Automation for managing Perforce codelines, based on a library of reusable Perl modules. Each codeline (branch) can have its own automated submit regression and shared default view.

Web Automation Framework This is a web automation framework containing multiple technologies combined to work together.It contains:- Selenium- TestNG- ReportNG- SimpleXML - Java- Sikuli- Flash-selenium

DACUM Automation Program The DACUM Automation Program is meant to help ease the burden of collection information and verification surveys for the DACUM process (as developed by Dr. Robert Norton at Ohio State University).

Flexible Alarms Creator This is an application for creating alarms and PLC tags for Wincc Flexible (Siemens HMI Software) from one or several Data Blocks (DB) of the Simatic Manager. The application creates two files that can be imported in Wincc Flexible. Creation of alarms and tags file ...

Home-Automation-Usability-System The intention of the Home-Automation-Usability-System project is to create a flexible system for bus-styled communication between micro-controllers and a server-application, including hardware layouts and PIC code for the micro-controllers.

Arduino CNC Mill/Laser Cutter/Extruder This is the firmware for a CNC Mill Project I am working on. It is based on Chris Meighan's rewrite of the RepRap G-code interpreter. It is still in beta testing but it supports the following g-codes -G: 0-4,17-21,90-92M: 3-5,30,101-108 Linear MotionXY, XZ, & YZ ...

Autoshutdown utility A utility to automatically shutdown a networked computer when no longer required. It is meant for use on systems that are run headless. It scans the network for defined devices and if none are found after a defined time the computer is shut down

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